Designer Brands


Firemark is the most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is. There's nothing like it in all the world. Because of proprietary cutting techniques, each and every Firemark maximizes the diamond's fire, brilliance and sparkle. Firemark is the only Princess in the world that averages an astounding 98% light return (rivaling Ideal Rounds). That is why Firemark is so much more brilliant.


Tom Kruskal Designs creates unique forged wire jewelry that is light, yet strong. It’s also wearable and affordable. Because Tom Kruskal's graceful and elegant pieces are handmade, each piece is special and slightly different. He creates designs that are full of movement and grace – a compliment to the wearer’s spirit.


For nearly two decades William Schraft has been recognized for his understated, contemporary designs that helped define the look and direction of American designer jewelry. After creating straight modern for so long, William found new interest in the details of ornate designs. His present 'retro look' conceived four years ago, came just in time for today's popular vintage look. Behold the Windows Collection!


Dobbs Boston sterling silver jewelry is elegant and at the same time affordable; styling for office wear or perfect for evenings out. Current in design but made with traditional craftsmanship, all pieces come with a Lifetime Warranty.


At the core of each Rhythm of Love pendant or earring is a remarkable new patented mounting that’s powered by the wearer’s heartbeat. When she sees this new dynamic diamond jewelry her heart will beat faster.


The Romance Bridal Collection presents these inspired selections, created with stunning quality and crafted with brilliant, pristine gold. Celebrate your timeless love with the lasting gift of exquisite diamonds.